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Forums Afire with Quest Completion Gated in Normal Raiding

On the very day that World of Warcraft: Legion opened the first wing for LFR players hoping to complete a pair of quests, Blizzard belatedly announced that said quests can only be completed on Normal or higher level of raid difficulty. World of Warcraft Power Leveling. This has come straight out of the blue, according to players, as it was never part of alpha or beta testing and was not previously announced as "policy".

The official US World of Warcraft forums are on fire, with one thread having already reached its maximum number of posts and a second being open. The flames have spread to the EU forums as well. European players have yet to see the LFR wing open as it does not go live until early tomorrow.

The Essence of Power quest requires players to retrieve 30 Corrupted Essence from the Emerald Nightmare raid, an item that has, according to some, a very low drop  rate which will require multiple visits to the raid. Additionally, the "In Nightmares" items are also retrieved via Normal+ raiding.  Quests unlock further progression for Order Halls and one entire row of Artifact appearances is locked behind the completion of the quest in order to further unlock the other appearances in that row that do not require raiding to obtain. These appearances canNOT be used until the raiding appearance is unlocked first.

Prior to Legion, legendary questlines since Cataclysm have been able to be completed via LFR.

Read more at any of the links above.

Is it fair to lock quest progression behind Normal raiding? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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